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Asymmetric bob: creating a stylish look

A well-chosen hairstyle and skillful hands of a master can make a woman a real goddess. Recently, most avid fashionistas create their own stylish image using an asymmetrical bob hairstyle. This haircut is what we'll talk about today.

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About the pros of a hairstyle

Asymmetric bob: creating a stylish look

The undoubted advantage of an asymmetric haircut is that it suits women with any type of face. Beauties with massive cheekbones or round faces will be able to model their imperfections with the right curl length.

Strands of different lengths create a wonderful visual effect, smoothing and decorating any facial features. Here, geometrically correct lines play only into the hands women, creating a light and romantic image. In addition, the asymmetric square perfectly stretches the facial features, making it more graceful. True, beauties who believe that they have a slightly long nose are advised to give preference to hairstyles with bangs. Shutter will visually reduce the nose.

It is worth noting that such stylish hairstyles only at first glance seem simple to perform.

In fact, to create a beautiful bob with asymmetry, you need to find a good hairdresser. Only a professional can create an elegant and beautiful look, giving the curls lightness and romanticism.

If the oblique haircut is done well, it will be very easy to style. And in order to preserve the neat and well-groomed appearance of the curls, it is recommended to visit a beauty salon every 30 days and make adjustments with the master.

About bob varieties

The trendy haircut is available in several variations.

Let's look at the main ones:

Asymmetric bob: creating a stylish look
  1. An asymmetric square with elongated strands. Suitable for owners of wide cheekbones, as it will help to mask them, while emphasizing all the advantages of the face. When creating an image, the hairdresser cuts the back of the head short enough, leaving long strands in front. A long bob looks good on both thin and thick hair. By the way, chubby beauties should also pay attention to this hairstyle. This shape will visually stretch the face;
  2. Short asymmetrical bob. With this design, the back of the head opens, while there is a smooth and elegant transition to elongated strands on the sides. This hairstyle will emphasize the grace of the neck and cheekbones. FROMtilists recommend that girls who choose a short bob do not dye their hair in bright shades, but give preference to natural tones. This will emphasize impeccable taste and style. Keep in mind that short options, made in dark colors, perfectly hide age. This is facilitated by a clear framing of the face;
  3. A bob with asymmetrical bangs is also at the height of fashion. It can be smooth or thinned - it doesn't matter where its angle is more important. Therefore, remember, if you prefer oblique bangs, then it should be framed at an acute angle;
  4. Asymmetrical bob-bob. An oblique bob helps to hide minor imperfections, such as wide cheekbones, low forehead and heavy chin. This effect can be achieved thanks to asymmetric strands. Different-sized curls make the image very fresh and unusual. Short hair sexually reveals the neck, while long hair adds romance. Bob-square with asymmetry is suitable for girls with long and slightly curly hair. A slanting bang or a long curtain located on the side;
  5. Graduated asymmetric bob. When doing this, the hairdresser will cut your hair ladder , creating a very delicate and soft look. This hairstyle will add volume and can be done even on thin curls. For those ladies who have a short neck, you can hide the flaw by choosing such a haircut. Chubby beauties are advised to do graduated square with asymmetrical bangs. Different-sized strands on the sides will look beautiful. The owners of a square face should give preference to a ragged bang. It is important for women with diamond-shaped faces to place accents correctly. With this type of face, you should do torn bangs and maximally asymmetrical curls. For girls with fine hair, it is important to add the required volume, for this, usually, the back of the head is cut, like with a bob-bob.

How to choose your caret?

In order for a new hairstyle to bring only positive emotions, it is important to choose it correctly.

The tips below should help you with this:

Asymmetric bob: creating a stylish look
  • Beauties with small facial features are advised to give preference to haircuts that open the neck;
  • For women with square faces, it is best to opt for hairstyles without straight bangs;
  • Ladies with a round or, conversely, narrow face are perfect graduated haircut ;
  • Owners of swan neck should choose a long square to the shoulders;
  • Asymmetric square with oblique bangs - this is an ideal option for beauties with a triangular face.

As you can see, there are a lot of options for cutting a bob, so any woman, regardless of age and type of appearance, will be able to choose the perfect option for herself that will complement her image. So don't take your hairstyles lightly. When hair is styled beautifully, it immediately catches the eye and attracts attention.

Look for your perfect haircut, be irresistible!

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