How to Kill Aphids on Indoor Plants EASY in Minutes!

Aphids on indoor plants

If you are an avid florist, then you do not need to explain what should be the daily care of plants. And you only need one look to determine how comfortable your green pet is. Agree, nothing warms the soul and pleases the eye like the sight of a green, also flowering bush, especially in the middle of winter.

Aphids on indoor plants

But if it so happened that the flower has dropped its leaves and literally withers before our eyes, there can be many options for the cause of its illness. One of the most common are aphids.

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Where can will aphids appear?

The worst enemy of all florists has a length of 1 to 7 mm and a small proboscis, which sucks life from your favorite flowers. There are many types of aphids, but indoor plants specializes mainly in white and black.

This pest lives in colonies and multiplies exponentially. And if one plant is nevertheless attacked by a pest, treatment should be started immediately. Otherwise, the risk of contamination of the remaining green spaces is 100%.

Infection methods:

  • when purchasing young plants, be vigilant, carefully examine them for the possible presence of aphids;
  • airing flowers outside can also cause infection;
  • aphids can fly, which means that it is better not to put flowers near windows that do not have mosquito nets;
  • dry air and heat are the most favorable conditions for the reproduction of this pest.

Aphid control methods

If it so happens that you have failed to protect the plants from pests, do not be discouraged. This is not yesterday's problem. And there are plenty of options to get rid of them. For example, you can use tools such as Fitoverm , Neoron , Decis , Cypermethrin , Karate .

You can buy them in a specialized flower shop, as well as get detailed instructions for use. But if you are against chemical experiments on your green spaces, then the following recipes will help you get rid of uninvited guests.

Traditional methods of fighting aphids

The fight against aphids will pass almost unnoticed for you, euIf you are the owner of such a useful plant as fragrant pelagonia, just place it for 3-4 days next to the affected plant and the aphid will disappear.

Pour boiling water over the husk from the onion and garlic and leave for 1 day. Then, spray the leaves affected by aphids with the resulting infusion for 5-8 days.

Citrus peel is used the same way. Fill it with water and leave it for 3 days. Then gently wipe with the mixture not only the leaves, but also the stem of the diseased plant.

Regular tobacco. Insist about 40 grams in 1 liter of water for 2 days. Then strain and add another 1 liter.

It is believed that potassium permanganate helps in the fight against aphids. This is mistake. The use of potassium permanganate is very effective in treating fungal diseases in a plant, but it is completely useless when pests have started on it.

Taking good care of it

Prevention is by far the best way to control aphids.

And it should be as follows:

  • When you decide to pamper yourself with the purchase of another green pet, be sure to quarantine for 5-7 days before adding it to the plants you already have. This is to make sure the plant is healthy and not harmful to others;
  • Give the flowers a shower periodically. Just transfer the plant to the bath and, turning on the shower on a weak mode, hold it over the flowerpot for 5-7 minutes, this is quite enough. But in everything it is important to know when to stop. Such watering should not be overused, it is enough 2 times a month;
  • Consider also the special needs of the plant: fertilization, watering, light, temperature;
  • The water you water your flowers with should not be boiled. There is no oxygen and microelements in such water. Its temperature is also more important. Cold water is poorly absorbed by the roots. Too warm water can cause the plant to wilt;
  • Don't forget about feeding your flowers. Minerals and organics will give them not only strength, but also make them more resistant in the fight against such troubles as insects and fungus;
  • Houseplants are particularly sensitive to drafts. Therefore, if you decide to ventilate the room a little, move your favorite pots away from the draft.

In order for your flowers to develop fully, you just need to devote them only 3-4 hours a week. Regular and proper care of them will ensure a cozy and pleasant atmosphere in your home.

How To Get Rid Of Aphids When Growing Indoors

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