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Anti-smoking magnets: effects on the body and rules of use

For people who want to get rid of such an addiction as smoking, several modern tools come to the rescue. Ear magnets from smoking have become very popular among them in recent years.

Anti-smoking magnets: effects on the body and rules of use

Magnets are means for massaging biologically active points of the ear, which are responsible for a person's desire to smoke a cigarette. The most popular anti-nicotine magnets come in a kit called Zerosmoke. These are two biomagnets that are placed in the ear at certain points with high biological activity. This method is called auriculoreflexotherapy, which is a kind of acupuncture.

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B what is the essence of the technique

Auricoreflexotherapy, as an effective method of alternative medicine, in the fight against smoking began to be used in the mid-50s of the XX century. We owe this discovery to the French researcher and neurologist Paul Nogier.

This scientist was one of the leading specialists in phrenology, who came to the conclusion that each point of the auricle corresponds to a certain organ of the human body. Many years ago he also compiled a list of points on the ear that can help cure some diseases, including nicotine addiction.

In the Soviet Union, interest in auricoreflexotherapy first began only in the eighties. Then, research was actively carried out in the field of this science, an atlas of biologically active points of the ear was released. In the same years, the discovery of Paul Nozhier attracted the interest of scientists from European countries.

How magnets work

The impact on biologically active points that are located on the auricle occurs through the use of various stimulants. For these purposes, you can use acupressure, acupuncture, moxibustion, electrical stimulation, exposure to a magnetic field.

The anti-smoking magnets are based on one of the stimulating methods, their effect is compared to acupuncture.

Anti-smoking magnets: effects on the body and rules of use

According to the manufacturers themselves, in the process of using this modern remedy, some foci in the brain are activated, which are responsible for the urge to smoke. Using special means, these centers are blocked, and a person's desire to smoke disappears.

Activation of biological points on yhe comes with the help of two elements, the surface of which is coated with gold plating. It is necessary to use gold in the production of these products to enhance their properties, in addition, this metal prevents the occurrence of irritations and allergic manifestations on the skin.

There are two types of Zerosmoke magnets:

  • regular gold plated and different sizes;
  • coated with white gold and exactly the same size.

These funds are attached to certain places, and they are held due to mutual attraction. One of the obvious advantages of using innovative anti-smoking agents is the non-invasiveness of the method, as there is no damage to the skin.

The availability of the technique for every person who wants to is its indisputable advantage. You can buy such a tool through the Internet or a network of distributors. If you want to quit smoking, you can use the kit at any time, you do not even need a preliminary consultation with a specialist.

To eliminate nicotine addiction using magnets, you do not need to follow a diet or change your usual lifestyle. Moreover, this treatment does not exclude other therapies that address this problem.

Instructions for use

The instructions for anti-smoking magnets indicate that it is recommended to use them no more than 2-4 hours a day. The magnets consist of two parts of different sizes: the smaller one is attached to the front of the ear, the larger one is attached to the back. The mutual attraction of two elements is ensured, so no additional fixing is required.

  • Wash and dry your hands before attaching the elements;
  • Stand in front of the mirror and attach the magnet to the part of the ear shown in the picture. If you are left-handed, you need to place the magnet on your left ear, because this is where all biologically active points are located;
  • If you feel uncomfortable, try repositioning the elements slightly.
Anti-smoking magnets: effects on the body and rules of use

When you are not wearing magnets while taking a break from them, you may experience feelings of anxiety, fear, or hunger. In this case, lightly massage the active spots where the magnet was located.

Magnets are recommended to be used for 6-7 days, during this period you can give up cigarettes or smoke less. Smoking is also allowed for 6 days without reducing its frequency, but on day 7 you need to abruptly give up cigarettes and continue to wear magnets. As a rule, after 4 weeks of using this modern remedy, it is no longer needed even by those people who could not do a day withoutcigarettes.

Quitting smoking will help you strengthen your body and maintain a healthy lifestyle in the future!

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