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Anti-aging cream - myth or reality

In pursuit of eternal youth, women are ready for incredible deeds. Since childhood, we have been instilled with the idea of ​​the existence of a remedy that can slow down aging. Remember at least the same rejuvenating apples, living and dead water, the sleeping princess, who managed not to earn a single wrinkle for a century's sleep.

Anti-aging cream - myth or reality

Undoubtedly, a healthy night's rest, the correct drinking regimen and the use of fresh fruits are doing their job, but the idea of ​​smearing the skin of the face, hands, and the whole body with something super-mega-extra-youthful and homemade sits in my head and burns with a hot nail .

Is it possible to find this miracle remedy or is it more realistic to cook it at home using a dried monkey's foot or lizard skin?

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Signs of Aging

First, you need to figure out, do you actually need this anti-aging cream, or can you postpone the search for another couple of years?

The first signs of the need to start a war against premature or entirely logical aging are as follows:

  • Facial skin loses its usual elasticity;
  • Sagging skin of eyelids and cheeks;
  • The contour of the face is not as clear as before;
  • There is an increased dryness of the skin in general;
  • The dermis takes on an uneven and dull shade;
  • The number and severity of mimic wrinkles increase.

Based on these problems, it becomes more or less clear what qualities the best anti-aging cream should have.

So, after thirty years, a product capable of:

Anti-aging cream - myth or reality
  • eliminate the primary signs of facial aging;
  • maximally nourish the dermis and fill its cells with moisture;
  • to resume the work of cells that produce substances to increase the elasticity of the epithelium;
  • reduce the tone of the muscles responsible for the formation and deepening of wrinkles;
  • smooth out deep wrinkles, prevent the formation of new ones;
  • eliminate age spots;
  • improve material exchange;
  • to normalize the work of the capillaries, which are close to the surface of the skin of the face, thereby provoking the formation of vascular networks and asterisks. This problem occurs in most women aged 35 and above;
  • protect the dermis of the facefrom the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation;
  • to tighten the skin and sharpen the contours of the face;
  • eliminate foci of inflammation;
  • accelerate the regeneration of the facial epithelium;
  • Don't let others know how old you really are.

Rejuvenating cream: quality composition

Anti-aging cream alone is not able to solve the above problems.

In order for the skin of the face to transform literally before our eyes, you need to use a set of products, namely:

Anti-aging cream - myth or reality
  • A moisturizing day product that will fight against dryness, ultraviolet radiation and other negative factors;
  • Night cream for eyelids and face, the action of which is aimed at deep nourishment and saturation of the skin with active caring substances;
  • Additional products in the form of masks, tonics, gels, etc. They are needed to cleanse mature dermis and prepare it for basic skin care products.

When choosing an anti-aging cream, do not forget how old you are, and do not take cosmetics for those who are over fifty, if you are thirty. After such experiments, it will be extremely difficult to maintain the condition of the skin in the future, as it naturally ages.

Focus on your age category and make sure that the eyelid and face product contains the following ingredients:

Anti-aging cream - myth or reality
  1. Natural moisturizers like glycerin, urea or hyaluronic acid. Facial skin, saturated with moisture, smoothes and becomes elastic;
  2. Revitalizing and anti-aging ingredients like collagen, keratin and elastin;
  3. Amazingly effective muscle relaxants (smoothing wrinkles) and hormones. The presence of these components allows you to quickly lose a couple of years from your appearance. But do not use products with their presence at home and without prior consultation with a dermatologist;
  4. Harmless peptide bonds of substances of natural origin. They are included in the composition of expensive products with an anti-aging effect;
  5. Natural oil of argan, rose, immortelle, etc .;
  6. Extraction of their red caviar, citrus fruits, seaweed, etc .;
  7. Vitamins A, E and C.

Rejuvenating face cream: selection rules

When trying to choose the best product, don't forget how old you are. All creams are made to address the skin problems that it experiences at a particular stage of aging. If you are younger than the original packaging, use this product after the due date hits.

Anti-aging cream - myth or reality

Carefully read the list of ingredients that make up the selected product. If hormones are found in it, take breaks between the courses of applying the cream, no matter how elegant and noticeable it helps to get rid of wrinkles and pigmentation.

But also naturalThese components should not be the cause of complete trust. Honey, herbs, citrus extracts - all these are quite strong allergens, after long-term use of which even greater problems with the dermis of the face are possible.

Don't even think about saving money! After using budget funds, you will not only not notice an improvement in your appearance, but you will also acquire a couple of new dermatological problems.

Home rejuvenating face cream

At home, it's possible to prepare a completely effective anti-aging agent. You will choose the ingredients yourself, focusing on the principle of their influence and allergenicity, you will be able to make a product aimed at solving the most important problems.

So, the first anti-aging product worth making at home is focused on eliminating the primary signs of aging.

It consists of the following components:

  • one fresh yolk;
  • 3 tsp almond or olive oil;
  • tsp liquid honey;
  • tsp fine sea salt;
  • 3 tsp chamomile broth;
  • a couple of tsp cosmetic petroleum jelly.
Anti-aging cream - myth or reality

After mixing all these products, the ready-made homemade mixture is placed in a sterile jar and sent to the refrigerator for storage.

It should be applied a couple of times a day after thorough washing, apply with massage movements, and blot the unabsorbed excess with a napkin.

Deeply nourishing the dermis of the face provides a home-made product with the following ingredients:

  • tsp bees wax;
  • tsp pine resin;
  • oily vitamins E, A and D;
  • green tea and linden oil extracts (can be replaced with a combination of St. John's wort and mint).

All components are placed in an enamel bowl, and already it is placed in a water bath. The future cream melts slowly, heats up well and is drained into a sterile glass jar. Once cured, the home remedy can be applied in the morning and evening, before going to bed.

Cognac cream tops the list of home remedies for wrinkles. For him you need to stock up:

  • one yolk;
  • 100 g natural cream;
  • a spoonful of liquid honey;
  • two dessert spoons of quality cognac;
  • tsp lemon juice.
Anti-aging cream - myth or reality

Further, the product from wrinkles involves mixing cream and yolk, heated to room temperature. Only after connecting them can the rest of the components be introduced. At home, the remedy is used twice a day, a couple of hours before bedtime and after morning washing. All excess is removed with cotton pads or cosmetic wipes.

Literally after a month of use, you will see how the severity of deep wrinkles will decrease, the frequency of appearancesmall new furrows, and the overall skin tone will improve. By the way, a similar recipe can be recommended for men over 40 who do not want to lose their youth and attractiveness.

Owners of oily and aging skin can throw off five years at home, using a set of such ingredients against wrinkles and other age restrictions:

  • a couple of tbsp lemon juice;
  • egg yolk;
  • tsp cosmetic glycerin;
  • tsp liquid honey;
  • tbsp olive oil;
  • some camphor alcohol.

At home, the product is prepared according to the following instructions:

Anti-aging cream - myth or reality
  1. Lemon juice combines with glycerin;
  2. Yolk, honey and oil are mixed in a separate container. Everything is rubbed with a mixer;
  3. Both mixtures merge into one container and beat well. In the process, 6 drops are poured. camphor alcohol;
  4. After obtaining a creamy product, it is transferred to a glass jar and stored in the refrigerator.

So that no one would guess how old you are in reality, apply this anti-wrinkle cream once a day. Apply it on face for half an hour, and remove unabsorbed excess with napkins or cotton pads.

As you already understood, you can keep track of the absence of wrinkles at home, without having the funds in your wallet to purchase expensive creams that top the rating of fashion publications.

And one more thing: the appearance of wrinkles is often not due to the fact that you are already quite many years old. If grooves develop in adolescence or before thirty, try consulting with your dermatologist to find out the underlying cause of the problem.

5 Anti Aging Myths

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