20 Style Tips On How To Wear A Leather Jacket

A practical brown leather jacket: what to wear with it?

Genuine leather is a stylish material. Looks with a brown leather jacket can be tailored, romantic, or even playful. Shoes, a skirt, trousers, accessories and, of course, a hairstyle will come to the rescue. The make-up naturally depends on the situation and the general style of clothing.

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What to wear with a brown leather jacket?

A trivial solution to complement a brown jacket is to dress it with brown genuine leather shoes and the same belt. The style depends on the cut of the jacket.

Buttoned leather outerwear with a sharp shoulder line (single-breasted lapel jacket or paramilitary jacket) can be worn with the following items:

A practical brown leather jacket: what to wear with it?
  • with trousers or skirts of a strict or loose fit. The texture of the fabric is matched to the texture of the skin;
  • a plain shirt or blouse made of fairly thick fabric;
  • classic style shoes, boots or boots with low heels;
  • small (up to 2 cm) or medium (3-4 cm) belt;
  • a brown leather tie or textured fabric, matching the color of the shirt.

A sporty brown leather jacket is aptly complemented by the following:

  • loose fit jeans: blue, light blue, gray, light brown;
  • denim overalls or semi-overalls;
  • pants for extreme (travel, hunting or soldier) khaki, sand shade or camouflage. It is desirable that they be lighter than the jacket;
  • a shirt made of thick fabric (such as denim denim) or a thick sweater with any collar, They should be chosen to match the color of the pants;
  • sports or casual footwear, but always leather or suede - with laces or Velcro.

The leather biker jacket is complemented by the same clothing as the leather sports jacket.

The following wardrobe items are suitable for her:

  • pants, breeches or shorts made of leather with the same texture as the jacket;
  • jeans, denim overalls with leather inserts in the same or similar color as the jacket;
  • motorcycle riding shoes or riding boots (ankle boots) made of natural brown leather;
  • wide (5-6 cm) genuine leather belt with a buckle made of light metal, white, gray polished or brushed steel.

Which scarf matches a brown leather jacket?

By material texture rayChoose a sleek option in natural or synthetic silk.

We select the color of the comforter depending on the following factors:

A practical brown leather jacket: what to wear with it?
  • jacket shade;
  • the dominant color in clothes;
  • moods;

With brown tones, only red is problematically combined in almost all of its shades. An exception may be terracotta red (reddish brown), but the color of the jacket must be taken into account. Black tones are also difficult to find. Dark blue, dark green, deep orange, purple, burgundy are also not recommended.

In order not to think for a long time, choose cool tones under light, medium or dark brown skin:

  • snow white;
  • lunar;
  • silver gray;
  • light blue;
  • aquamarine;
  • lemon yellow

From warm tones to brown skin, soft pastels work well.

If the material of the jacket is soft, then it is quite possible to use a scarf made of light, translucent gauze fabric. Almost any color here.

A scarf for a brown leather jacket can be decorated with a pattern, a pattern with medium or small details. For the dominant color, a patterned scarf or comforter should be chosen according to the same combination principles as for plain scarves.

To find out what you can wear with a brown leather jacket, try a peep on professional models. They demonstrate successful combinations and tandems.

Brown in most of its shades is more casual than festive. It is more democratic than official or solemn. At the same time, a strict tone of dark chocolate or a playful shade of cognac can add solidity and make a vivid impression on others. Such leather clothing will give you enough attention in the company.

What to wear with a women's brown leather jacket?

Classic items for women are recommended:

  • women's trousers;
  • skirt or bib;
  • dress made of thick fabric with a stand-up collar or without a collar.
A practical brown leather jacket: what to wear with it?

Choose the color to taste, but keep in mind that red tones get along problematic. Adhere to the general principles of color harmony of brown leather with fabrics of other shades.

Knitted dresses or skirts work well with leather goods. Women's brown leather jacket looks great with dense knitwear in pastel, gray and terracotta tones.

Shoes under a brown leather jacket for women are ideal for classic women made of genuine leather. The height of the heel is chosen more according to taste and mood than according to the characteristics of the clothes.

Choose the color of shoes (boots) to match the jacket - all shades of brown (from light, mailand beige terracotta to dark chocolate).

It's very good if the handbag, shoes, strap, bracelet and other accessories are the same color.

Such a thing as a light brown leather jacket - the clothes are universal. It is equally suitable for a working day and for an evening rest. And light brown leather combines equally well with casual jeans or a business suit, and with evening glamor .

If you are unsure about your choice, add heavy artillery - experiment with combinations of light leather with different details of your wardrobe. It is useful to ask how fashion gurus combine wardrobe items with leather clothing.

Fashionable and strong looks for you!

How To Wear Brown Leather Jacket For Women

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