A petty person is not a sentence!

Perhaps the worst characteristic of a person is pettiness. How many of us don't like dealing with people who are characterized by generosity of soul, big gestures and beautiful deeds? From a petty person, you are unlikely to wait for them.

In our view, a petty person is a miser who is stingy not only with gifts, but also with feelings. Also called a petty person who constantly finds fault with others. But let's see what is really meant by pettiness .

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What does a petty person mean

Pettiness is the tendency of a person to attach great importance to the insignificant, to pay increased attention to trifles, as a result of which the essential remains unnoticed.

A petty person is not a sentence!

A petty person is one who does not notice important things, giving a lot of attention to detail. His life is filled with vanity, petty troubles, anxiety over trifles.

Details so fill the mind of a petty person that the true state of affairs does not add up in his head. Excessive nit-picking prevents such a person from rising above the hustle and bustle, feeling the taste of life and achieving success in it.

Pettiness, like any extreme, can lead to various life problems. A petty person can carefully maintain order in the house, not noticing the psychological problems of his family members. For him, a child's homework done correctly is an order of magnitude higher than children's conflicts with classmates. Household little things take time from a picky person and deprive him of psychological sensitivity.

Petty people are distinguished by excessive sensitivity, they are often touchy and vindictive. All this can arise due to the fact that someone turned away from them at a difficult moment, showed inattention, insulted with a cruel joke or left without praise at the right time. But in fact, the reason for the appearance of pettiness in the character must be looked for much deeper ...

Why does a person become petty?

According to psychologists, there are two reasons why a person can become petty and picky:

  • having a bad character that begins in early childhood;
  • the circumstances of life that turned a normal person into a picky tyrant.

Consider the first path to pettiness. As you know, it was in childhood (up to five years) thatthe foundation of the personality is given. Due to improper upbringing, a child can blame parents for all his failures in adulthood, finding fault with them over trifles. As for the second path, everyone can get into the risk group of becoming a petty person. This is due to the fact that life circumstances can spoil the character of any of us. How often can you observe the transformation of a cheerful, sunny person into a gloomy, harmful object who is constantly dissatisfied with something.

It should be noted that it is impossible to assert with exact certainty what became the true reason for the appearance of pettiness in the character: either the child had a predisposition to picky, or life made such a person.

Petty people: how to recognize them?

Which of us girls does not dream of a prince on a white horse?

A petty person is not a sentence!

What is our disappointment when, instead of a noble prince, there is a picky man nearby! If at the beginning of your acquaintance your chosen one chooses a cheaper bouquet at a flower kiosk, and shudders at a restaurant when ordering a full meal instead of a cup of coffee, most likely you are faced with a petty man.

Tolerate him all his life or end the relationship, you decide. But before making your choice, we suggest that you get acquainted with the obvious signs of a petty man.

Here are some of them:

  • your chosen one does not visit paid clinics, considering it a waste of money (while he can be a wealthy person);
  • gets annoyed when you ask him for money for some women's things (cosmetics, handbags, jewelry, etc.);
  • touchy and vindictive;
  • prefers public transport;
  • demanding towards you;
  • likes to lecture on How to live ;
  • is constantly reminded of the return of the money he loaned you (usually a small amount);
  • doesn't make big gestures (filling the bathtub with champagne or strewing flowers on your bed is not for him).

It should be noted that the pettiness of a man is not only in counting every penny and unwillingness to do romantic things. Due to the increased attention to detail, the petty person does not notice the important and serious. A carefully ironed shirt is much more important to him than the reason for your bad mood.

In addition, a picky person is very irritable and quick-tempered. It is easy for others to piss him off. Petty men will remind friends and family at any opportunity that they are living completely wrong.

A petty person is not a sentence!

Often such tediousness leads to a reluctance to communicate with an overly economical person, both materially and emotionally.

If we talk about women, then, oddly enough, pettiness in them occurs as often as in men. Of course, the representatives of the stronger sex are not delighted.this unpleasant trait. Petty ladies are prone to greed and selfishness, they will not miss the opportunity to stir up a scandal over a trifle.

But men are also looking for such qualities as beauty of the soul, patience and understanding in their chosen ones.

How to overcome pettiness in character

Do not underestimate such a personality trait as pettiness. It can lead to a breakdown in relations, cause misunderstanding and mutual resentment between people.

To prevent this from happening, it is important to help a petty person get rid of internal bile in time in the following ways:

  • frank conversation;
  • considerate attitude.

Sincere communication between people is available to everyone. If people could talk openly with each other, then many problems could be avoided. If one of the family members is petty, it is worth pointing out this to him and trying to find a solution to the problem together. If we are talking about a serious internal personality conflict, in addition to family support, you will need the help of a psychologist.

And remember: the effectiveness of ways to eliminate pettiness in character will directly depend on what the petty person chooses for himself: groundless dissatisfaction with the world around him or love of life.

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