A perfect girl, or a figurine just wow!

A perfect girl, or a figurine just wow!

There are no ideal people, everyone knows about it, but they never stop striving for perfection. Many girls, in pursuit of a reference appearance, subject their bodies to numerous tests, such as fasting, dieting, and unbearable physical activity.

Sometimes they succeed in achieving a flawless figure, but their health is often undermined. How to be, how to get the perfect body without violence against your own body?

First, it is worth finding out what external data an ideal girl has, what weight, proportions, etc. she should have. Nature has endowed each person with a unique body. It is impossible to change many features of the figure on your own. If a person is short, it will hardly be possible to fix it. But it is quite possible to dazzle nice-looking curves.

Ideal girl parameters

There are many formulas for calculating the ideal parameters of a female figure. The easiest way to figure out the ideal weight for a girl. It is calculated using the formula body weight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared.

This formula is called Body Mass Index (BMI), or Quetelet Index. For example, a woman's weight is 65 kg., A height of 1.75 m, then BMI = 65 / 1.75², thus BMI = 21.2 The norm is Body Mass Index from 19.5 to 22.9 for girls not older than 25 years , for young women from 25 years old, the normal BMI can be up to 25.9.

A perfect girl, or a figurine just wow!

In addition to weight, a flawless figure is characterized by other parameters, namely the correct proportions. The ideal figure for a girl, according to men, is one that resembles an hourglass in its outlines. A thin waist, rounded hips and prominent breasts in a girl are what every man dreams of. The best waist-to-hip ratio is 0.7.

To find out your own ratio, you need to divide your waist in centimeters by your hips in centimeters. For example, waist 64 cm, hips 95, the ratio is 0.67. As for the ratio of waist-to-chest measurements, 0.6 is considered the best.

The representatives of the stronger sex also like long-legged beauties. An ideal girl is endowed with legs 10-20 cm longer than half her height. Unfortunately, if nature at birth did not give a woman legs from her ears, only high heels will help to correct the situation.

As for height, men are very individual here. For some, the ideal height for a girl is 155-160 cm, others prefer women from 180 and above. Girls do not need to strive for some kind of mythical exemplary growth, hang on a horizontal bar and the like, growth is unchanged - you have to accept this and take it for granted.

It is worth noting that men like feminine girls: not too thin and not too fat, with a straight posture, hrutight shoulders, with long hair, no piercings and tattoos. It is according to such external criteria that representatives of the stronger sex are most often looking for companions. And what an ideal girl should be in character is a much more complex and deep question. Each man must answer it individually.

Usually, the most appreciated in women are loyalty, kindness, unobtrusiveness, wisdom, modesty, etc. By and large, becoming an ideal woman is not difficult, the main thing is to remain a good person and keep fit!

How to be the perfect girlfriend?

It doesn't take a lot of effort to be the perfect girlfriend. It is enough to eat right, take care of yourself, play sports. Proper nutrition involves eating healthy foods that include enough fruits and vegetables, avoiding fast food, limiting sweet and starchy foods.

A perfect girl, or a figurine just wow!

In addition, you need to drink 2 liters of water a day. For the body to be ideal, it is also necessary to give it physical activity. Which ones you need to decide on your own.

Someone is more suitable for fitness, aerobics, someone prefers yoga. You can just jog in the morning or go to the pool several times a week. These recommendations are more suitable for skinny people who only need to correct their figure a little.

Puffies will have to work harder to get the perfect body. Whenever possible, overweight girls are encouraged to sign up for a gym and plan with a professional trainer. If this is not possible, you can study at home, for example, using video lessons. If you seriously take care of your own health and figure, then girls will no longer need to dream about an ideal body.

When women love themselves and take care of their own bodies, they become perfect, incomparable both externally and internally. We wish you mental and physical health!

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