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A distant continent: how to emigrate to Australia

When choosing a second homeland, take a closer look at Australia. The distant continent is a popular destination for emigration. Strong professionals and businessmen are especially welcome here, which means you don't have to worry about getting a job.

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Possible emigration programs

A distant continent: how to emigrate to Australia

A stable Australian economy, free healthcare, a high level of social protection and a pleasant climate are what makes emigration to Australia attractive. You can become a citizen of this country (with the right to enjoy all the benefits of official status) four years after the move. Therefore, the main goal of those who dream of becoming an Australian passport holder is to choose the right emigration program.

How to emigrate to Australia from Russia? First, you should explore the options provided by the Commonwealth of Independent States.

The following immigration programs are offered to future migrants:

  • professional;
  • business immigration;
  • student;
  • family;
  • program for refugees.

Most often, Russians and residents of neighboring states move to the other end of the planet on work visas and student visas, that is, under professional and educational immigration programs. After that, it becomes possible to reunite with your family.

Professional Immigration

The Australian Border Guard Board of Immigration is the government agency that controls the movement of foreign citizens across the country. It is this institution that annually updates the list of specialists that the state's economy needs. It is extremely interested in the inflow of highly qualified workers and specialists, especially young and motivated ones.

Emigration to Australia from Russia is possible with one of the following work visas:

A distant continent: how to emigrate to Australia
  • temporary regional (entry into a separate region for 4 years);
  • nominal working (entry at the invitation of one of the regions with the possibility of employment, training and with the prospect of obtaining citizenship);
  • slaveOchaya independent (entry to any region of the country with the right to work, study, move a family, apply for citizenship).

An independent work visa allows you to independently search for work after arriving in the country. It is the receipt of a work visa that is meant when the question arises of how to emigrate to Australia from Russia with a family. First, the head of the family leaves, gets a job, settles in, and then becomes a sponsor of the family and transports it to a new homeland.

You can apply for entry for employment through the official Internet resource, where the Department of Immigration posts information for those wishing to immigrate and requirements for candidates. Very convenient: you can see which specialists are needed the most and apply correctly.

Requirements for candidates

The first requirement, without the fulfillment of which one cannot hope for the approval of the application, is the mastery of the current profession. The list of required specialists is regularly updated.

In addition, the candidate must meet the following requirements:

A distant continent: how to emigrate to Australia
  • know the language at Toefl or Ielts level;
  • be under 50 years old;
  • have a specialized education according to the declared specialty;
  • have no criminal record;
  • be absolutely healthy.

Each position is marked with a certain number of points (maximum - 60), which, when summed up, determine the candidate's chances.

Profession List

According to statistics, Russians with diplomas in more than 300 specialties can find work on the Australian continent. It depends only on the relevance of the profession whether it is possible for a particular person to emigrate to Australia from Russia.

The list of professions includes the following main positions in 2016:

  • IT specialist (developer, project manager, business analyst, system administrator);
  • healthcare professional (doctors and nurses);
  • seller;
  • accountant, lawyer, auditor, advocate;
  • engineer;
  • skilled worker; (locksmith, plumber, metallurgist, carpenter, bricklayer, welder)
  • teacher;
  • builder.

There are other positions as well. The full list is presented on the website of the Department of Immigration.

Business emigration

Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to come to Australia on a business program. This is a privileged part of the immigrants who, if desired, very quickly acquire citizenship. The main thing is to confirm that the open business is successful and generates income. This is given 2 years, during which the immigrant must actively participate in the economic development of the selected region.

How to emigrate to Australia with a business program? The following categories of immigrants can use it:

  • owners of their own business;
  • investors willing to invest in the economycountries;
  • top managers, heads of large companies.
A distant continent: how to emigrate to Australia

Requirements for candidates depend on the specific program. In any case, experience in managing a business project must be at least five years, knowledge of the language is mandatory, and you may need to have a certain start-up capital. The age limit depends on the type of program, in some cases it is simply not installed.

Entrepreneurs who are going to start their own business receive a short-term visa. This is possible if the applicant has at least 250,000 Australian dollars in the account. After two years, if the business develops well, you can apply and become the holder of a permanent residence permit.


Educational emigration is easily accessible to today's young people. Australia in this sense provides no less wide range of educational programs and institutions than any developed country. However, studying in Australia is not cheap: on average, annual tuition will cost 10 thousand euros.

It must be understood that the student, according to the conditions of entry, must leave the Australian territory after completing his studies. Another issue is that a diploma obtained on Australian soil is an undoubted advantage for a young person applying for a visa under the professional program.

There are the following visa entry options:

  • for intensive language learning;
  • for university admission;
  • for a master's or doctoral degree.
A distant continent: how to emigrate to Australia

A prospective student must know the language at the level of understanding and conversational communication, have completed secondary education, money to pay for tuition and living, as well as good health. Interestingly, in Australia, secondary completed education is understood as a 12-year period. That is, a student from Russia must graduate from high school and study at a university for at least a year. Another option is to enroll in a preparatory course at an Australian university.

A student will be issued a visa if he provides confirmation of admission to the first year and the availability of an amount that is enough for both tuition fees and accommodation. By the way, a student has the right to officially work 20 hours a week.

Family emigration

Quite simply, you can move to the Australian continent for those who have close family ties with the people living here on a permanent basis. Such emigration to Australia from Russia is not particularly difficult.

Requirements for the candidate correspond to the specifics of the move:

  • the immigrant must be of legal age and legally married to a sponsor;
  • civil marriage is also acceptable, but only if the relationship lasts at least a year;
  • partner's gender doesn't matter. Australian authorities recognize same-sex marriage.
A distant continent: how to emigrate to Australia

SoThus, the legal spouse / permanent partner of an Australian citizen or an immigrant with a permanent residence permit can obtain a family visa. The children of residents and their parents have the same right.

Especially for moving to a loved one, a bride's visa is issued: an entry permit for a period of 9 months, which is issued exclusively for the legal registration of relations.

Should you move?

If the question of moving to another country is serious, and adaptation to a new language and culture is not scary, then it is worth taking a closer look at Australia. It is easy to start your own business and find a decent job here, the government supports families, Indigenous Australians are friendly and tolerant, and the environment is one of the best in the world.

Cons: prices for everything are high, taxes eat up almost half of your earnings, there is no central heating, the water in the ocean is cold, and the sun is very active all year round. What can we say about the fact that Australia is very far from the Motherland, and it is unlikely that it will be possible to fly to Moscow for the weekend.

Whether it is worth emigrating to Australia is up to you to decide. If you have any doubts, you can visit here on a tourist visa or work for a year or two on a working day. A lot will become clear in the first months.

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