How to Make Fried Cabbage

5 quick and delicious fried cabbage recipes

There is no single recipe for how to properly and tasty fry cauliflower, white or sauerkraut. Different hostesses have their own secrets and recipes. Therefore, we have collected the most delicious and simple ways to prepare this wonderful, healthy and delicious vegetable.

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How to fry white cabbage in a pan in 30 minutes?

For cooking, take, wash the forks under running water and remove the top leaves.

You can shred with a knife or a special grater.

5 quick and delicious fried cabbage recipes
  • For a rich taste, add onion chopped in half rings or strips to the cabbage, it is advisable to blanch it. Any spices and herbs can be used. For example cilantro and parsley, dill and turmeric. Remember that turmeric, like saffron, has a yellow tint, so adding such seasonings will result in a yellowish tint to your dish.

So, pour the chopped vegetable into a preheated, dry frying pan and fry until golden specks appear on the cabbage. Add vegetable oil, onion, salt, sugar, grated carrots and black pepper.

If desired, you can add bay leaves and herbs. Fry under the lid for no more than 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. The finished dish can be eaten both hot and cold. For a juicier taste, you can add a little broth or plain water.

How to fry sauerkraut with tomato paste in a pan?

The taste of sauerkraut is very good in itself, as a dressing in cabbage soup, hodgepodge or as bigos with meat or sausages.

Cabbage is tasty if there are no additional components in it, and it is fried in a pan until slightly brown with the addition of oil.

  • Sauerkraut can be rinsed, if it is salted, you may not rinse, but squeeze a good squeeze. It is most convenient to squeeze it with your hands, while not pouring out the brine, but adding it later, it will give the dish a unique and spicy aroma. Then add chopped onions (raw or sautéed), tomato paste (can be replaced with tomato juice), pepper, pickled cucumber (cut into thin strips) and bay leaf. Everything is friedOn a lid, over low heat, until tender.

There is a slightly different option for preparing the dish, the peculiarity is that, first of all, in a hot frying pan, with vegetable oil or margarine, chopped onion and tomato paste are fried. Thus, the paste is tinted and becomes a deep red color. When the onions are cooked, the main food is added and fried.

How tasty to fry cauliflower in batter?

For a delicious taste, you need to place it in milk for a short period of time, and then remove it to dry and cook. Another option is to boil the inflorescences in mineral water with a pinch of sugar and salt. And then the boiled inflorescences are placed in cold water with lemon juice.

Then the dish turns out to be simply unforgettable in taste.

5 quick and delicious fried cabbage recipes
  • Tip : When choosing forks, choose one that is strong (tight) and heavy, with fresh green foliage. It can vary in color, its color range varies from white, gray, yellow, green and even purple shades. However, there should be no dark spots on it;
  • batter you can make a regular batter, but if you add champagne or beer to it, the taste will be magical, and it looks airy and porous.

Preparation: the vegetable is washed, divided into inflorescences and boiled.

Batter is made from beaten eggs, flour with sour cream, soda, salt and sugar. All products whisk well. The inflorescences are dipped in batter and fried in a hot pan with the addition of butter. Fry the cauliflower on all sides until golden brown. Sprinkle with herbs when serving.

How to roast cabbage with meat for pies?

Pies with such a filling will go well with yeast and slightly sweet dough. To prepare the filling, you need ground beef, white forks (fresh), spices, vegetable or butter and tomato paste (you can without it).

  • chop the vegetable and fry the minced meat in a skillet or deep-bottomed saucepan. Combine the ingredients, add the tomato paste and simmer, uncovered, until tender and all the liquid has evaporated. If the juice still remains, you can drain it or discard the minced meat in a colander so that it stacks. The filling should cool completely; if it is hot, the dough will float.

Cooking pies with stewed sauerkraut and any minced meat will be a great alternative to the classic version. If you get creative and add mushrooms, eggs, chicken, spicy herbs or canned fish to the filling, your dish will only benefit from this.

Can Beijing cabbage be fried?

Beijing Fork is intended not only for decorating various dishes and salads. It tastes great when fried, and ifadd various spices and, for example, an apple, the dish will amaze you with its multifaceted taste.

5 quick and delicious fried cabbage recipes
  • Preparation: the head of cabbage is cut lengthwise and finely chopped into strips. Carrot, garlic and peeled apple are chopped on a grater. Everything is laid out in a frying pan with heated oil, and not covered with a lid, fried over low heat. Vegetables will abundantly secrete juice, it must be evaporated, gradually adding fire, while constantly stirring. At the very end, add the spices you like best.

Various nuts can be added to Chinese cabbage, it goes well with them. You can also add sesame seeds, which will delight your family and friends.

How long can cabbage be fried in a pan?

  • White cabbage is fried from 15 minutes to 45 minutes, it all depends on what recipe you use to fry it. As for stewing, here the time varies from 10 minutes to full cooking of vegetables;
  • sauerkraut is fried for 10-20 minutes, if various raw ingredients are added to it, the time increases. Stewing time with tomato depends on the color, when the cabbage is colored, then we can consider it ready;

How many recipes, so many opinions. We have selected for you universal and most importantly useful recipes for cooking amazingly delicious dishes.

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